Membership Benefits


The importance of Joining WPA and benefits to members are:
1. First and foremost, WPA is about protecting and expanding the practice of Psychology.  This is both at the State and National level.  
The unity of many voices advocating is an important part of keeping and protecting this profession.   One example of protecting the field of psychology is the issues of insurance reimbursement and the constant vigilance to maintain a respect to this profession with a reimbursement rate reflecting the doctoral level training.  Your annual WPA fee alone would be paid easily by the work done maintaining as high as reimbursement rates as we currently have. This is an issue that remains constantly monitored.  This is only one example of many that WPA and APA work tirelessly on to protect the field of Psychology.  The more members we have in WPA gives us a stronger voice to advocate from.   
2. Providing a lobby to government to advocate for issues in the field of mental health and getting access to psychological services for the public. 
3. Free approval of WPA CEU’s from qualifying trainings and conferences.   
4. The listserve.  The listserve is a resource to access WPA members.  There are often posted professional questions or referrals to fellow WPA members.  The support we give each other is invaluable as we practice in this rural/frontier environment.
5. A reduced conference fee to members versus non-members.  Spring and fall conference are offered annually with quality speakers, topics relevant to current issues, and topics often requested by the membership. 
How to Join the WPA
Prospective WPA members can join by completing the online registration or submitting the paper application shown later or joining online.  
To join online, click on the Registration tab shown on the left side of this page.  Complete the initial registration and a WPA representative will contact you to confirm your registration and provide additional information on your membership benefits.  
Otherwise, download the WPA Membership Application using the link below.
Download Membership Application »
Complete the application and return it to 
POB 543
Cody, WY 82414
A WPA representative will contact you.  
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Download Membership Application »