Welcome to the Wyoming Psychological Association

psych1-300x199.jpgWe, the psychologists of Wyoming are here to serve you. Come inside and look around. Learn about the activities of the Wyoming Psychological Association and find out more about the exciting world of psychology.

Our Vision

In the frontier State of Wyoming, the WPA recognizes the need to pursue a mutually supportive, strong community of psychologists and other healthcare providers who work together to enhance the quality of life for all people living in the State.



2019 WPA Spring Conference Featured Topics Downloads Available below. 

Military Culture Handouts

Military Culture: Enhancing Clinical Competence


  *********  New Member Incentive Program *********

 The WPA leaders and members believe strong Psychologist and Mental Health Professional involvement in the issues critical to our professions is essential to protect and expand mental health in Wyoming.   One of the best ways to increase your involvement in those issues is by participation in the WPA. 

To help encourage participation, the WPA has implemented a dues reduction policy for new members.  For all new members, first year dues are $0.00, and membership renewal in the second year is at 50% of the normal rates. 

Psychologists and Masters level providers in mental health are also welcomed to join the ranks of WPA.   Please navigate to the Membership page as shown on the left or contact the WPA for details. 

Wyoming Psychological Association
POB 543
Cody, WY 82414

Our Mission

The purpose of the WPA is to promote psychology as a profession and as a science for the benefit of human welfare.  

Our Goals

  • To advance the profession through academic and continuing education, research and consultation in psychology.
  • To serve the interest of the profession and the public through political advocacy.
  • To promote the professional and collegial well-being of our members.
  • To provide information, services and education in the public interest.
  • To collaborate with other healthcare professionals for optimum public benefit.
  • Recognizing the geographical distances that separate professionals, to promote networking and a sense of connection and community.
    • to enhance communication via computer technology and traditional methods
    • to increase our membership
    • to encourage and reward participation in the organization
  • To actively work to increase individual and collective sensitivity to multi-cultural issues both within the organization and in the public sector. This includes race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and people with special needs.
    • to develop and/or enhance delivery of appropriate services to diverse and under-served populations
    • to advocate for diverse and under-served groups
    • to promote diversity within the organization including recruitment of ethnic minorities, establishment of a sense of “safe place”, inclusion and visibility for ethnic minorities

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