Continuing Education Units Approval Process

The Wyoming Board of Psychology has given the Wyoming Psychological Association the authority to offer and approve Continuing Education Units for licensure renewal. Thirty hours every two years are required for re-licensure: Up to 20 contact hours may be earned by completing activities reviewed and approved by WPA or the Wyoming School Psychology Association. Ten hours must be APA-approved. Up to 10 hours can be earned from APA or NASP home study courses.

Approval guidelines

In order to be approved for CEUs, conferences must meet the following criteria:

  1. Program is offered for psychologists.
  2. It is psychological in nature and relevant to maintaining or increasing professional competence in psychology.
  3. Activity helps the psychologist gain knowledge and/or skills to provide services to the public, influence systems or train other psychologists to do the same. CEs are not approved for activities that make the psychologist a better teacher.

Required Information

A conference brochure must be sent to the WPA office along with the accompanying fee. The brochure must include:

  1. The number of continuing education credit hours offered for the activity
  2. Participant learning objectives
  3. Participants for whom the activity is designed
  4. Schedule and format including starting and ending hours, meal and other breaks
  5. Faculty credentials
  6. A letter outlining why the conference is relevant to the individual psychologist’s type of practice or employment.

Credit Hours

A credit hour equals one clock hour in which a continuing education learning activity actually occurs. Breaks that are 15 minutes or less need not be subtracted from the credit time. Program participants will not receive partial credit for programs. Continuing education will only be awarded to participants who attend an entire program.

Faculty Credentials

Professionals offering CE courses must meet the training and full qualifications of their respective professions and specialty areas.

Experts come from many fields and educational backgrounds, and WPA does not require that all faculties be doctoral level. WPA reserves the right to require the majority of faculty in any given offering to be doctoral level, especially if the program content specifically relates to diagnostic or therapeutic skills.


Psychologists wanting advance approval for a conference must send the required information at least one month before the registration deadline to allow time for the approval process to take place. WPA will attempt to have a turn-around time of two weeks. Approval after attendance at a conference may also be obtained by, but there is no guarantee that approval will be given just because a psychologist has already attended a program. It is highly recommended that advance approval of a conference be obtained.


There will be an administrative fee for each conference approval requested which is payable at the time the conference brochure is submitted.

  • CE review is FREE to WPA members
  • Non-memberfees are:
    • $30.00 per credit hour.
    • The fee is charged to non-members even if the conference is NOT approved for CEUs.
    • A fee will be charged each person wanting approval of a conference even if the conference has already been approved for someone else.
  • A fee of $10.00 will be charged for a replacement CEU form for members and non-members.


WPA will send an approval form to each person requesting CEUs. Participants are responsible for obtaining the documentation at the conference they attend which states the number of hours they actually attended. The approval form from WPA plus the attendance documentation from the conference sponsor are submitted to the Board of Psychology.

For information regarding CE approval of the following activities, please contact the WPA office at or 307-220-8212

  • Programs for more than one psychologist
  • Co-sponsorship with other organizations or programs
  • Diplomate status from the American Psychological Association
  • CE credits for professional publications.